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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Satria and Female Titan have landed!

Just a quick note to post these:

The Satria surveys his reinforcements...

...and his competition

The Satria Battlesuit and the Female Titans have finally arrived from the caster. The delay from the initial announcement was due to the time taken to cast the titans, but it was well worth it, as they have turned out absolutely perfect!

For reference to those who have asked - the Female Titan is approx 150mm tall, and would fit handily on a Games Workshop monstrous creature or large oval base (the ones used for Imperial Knights and the big Warmachines).

Everyone who has pre-ordered will have their orders shipped out over the next few days. You will receive a e-mail notification when it leaves.

The pre-order offer will be open until 2359hours on Sunday 27th July, after which the two new models will revert to their normal prices.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

New Pre-Orders - Satria Battlesuit and Female Titan

 Satria Battlesuit

I am pleased to announce the two latest releases from ZandrisIV miniatures, the long-awaited 28mm Satria Battlesuit, and special Female Titan. Both these items will be available for pre-order today, with the special offer prices being available for two weeks.

I expect to receive shipment of the final castings for all of the following next week.

Details as follows:

SF00004 - Type 45(D) 'Satria' Battlesuit - GBP13.00 (Offer) RRP GBP14.00
SF00005 - Satria Weapons Pack  - GBP1.50
SF10004 - Satria Battlesuit Squad (3 Battlesuits, 3 Weapons Packs) - GBP40.00 (Offer) RRP GBP42.00

 Female titan

Limited Edition - 20 units only
FR01 - Female Titan Casting Spell - GBP28.00 (Offer) RRP GBP30.00 
Purchase them from the online store here

In Memoriam
I am sad to announce the discontinuation of the original Bouncer Battlesuit. While I remain proud of the design, and its status as my very first battlesuit, it has not aged well in this era of 3D printed ultra-detailed monstrosities, and the molds are really starting to fall apart. The quality of the castings has been steadily deteriorating, and I do not feel it would be fair to continue selling them after my current stock has run out.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Online Store - Specials


*CLEARANCE* FR01 - Female Titan Casting Spell
Details: Approx 150mm to the top of head.
Full price: GBP30.00
Special Offer Price: GBP22.00
Quantity: 1x Resin miniature in 5 parts.  
Limited Edition - 12 units left

WARNING! This kit requires a some modelling skill to reach its full potential. The skirts have to be assembled over the painted legs, the gaps filled and then the skirts painted.