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Monday, 20 September 2010

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated (as usual).

This is just a quick post to let everyone know that Z4Miniatures still exists. I've just been a little busy with the day job and haven't had the time to build anything new yet, but rest assured, things are coming. As a taster, have a look at the upcoming Stealth Cruiser for the Diaspora Authority and the Nebula Guardian's Raid Cruiser.

The Stealth Cruiser (on the left) is complete, and an updated design from the previous version I showcased a few months ago on TMP and SCN. The Raid Cruiser (on the right) is a redesigned heavy cruiser after I found the old design to be far too ugly for my liking.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

On Holiday!

As is customary, I am off on holiday from the 1st to the 27th of July 2010. Any orders placed during this period will be shipped out when I return on the 28th. I will still be happy to answer any questions via e-mail during this period.


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Battlesuits Back in Stock!

After all the excitement of Salute and the weeks after, the stock of Battlesuits has stabilised. All orders received so far have been dispatched.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Z4Miniatures @ SALUTE! Pre-Order NOW!

Jon Tuffley from Ground Zero Games has kindly agreed to carry a selection of Z4Miniatures stock at the Ground Zero Games stand at SALUTE this year. Due to space restrictions, only the following packs will be held in stock:

SLT1001 - Salute Battle Squadron - GBP40.00
Special Pack - 1x DS00001, 1x DS00002, 2x DS00003, 2x DS00004, 1x DS00005, 1x DS00006, 1xDS00007, 1x DS00008, 1x DREAD01 (18 miniatures - The entire Diplomatic Corps lineup)
DS10013 - Eloquent Diplomacy Fleet - GBP75.00
DS10014 - Nebula Raiding Squadron - GBP25.00

DS10016 - Imperial Battle Squadron - GBP21.00

BATTLESUITS - Any stock of these I have available will be there at Salute.

If you want a combination of miniatures which is not one of the above, then place your order in the online store and E-MAIL me at z4miniatures AT googlemail DOT com to let me know that you want to pick it up at SALUTE. I will refund your postage cost and you can pick up your goods from Jon on the day itself. IF YOU DO NOT E-MAIL ME YOUR PARCEL WILL BE SHIPPED OUT VIA REGULAR POST.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Battlesuit OUT OF STOCK!

Due to massive, overwhelming response, I am currently out of stock of battlesuits. An emergency request has gone to my caster asking him to cast faster, but he will only be able to get me stock by next week at the earliest (he might be able to give me a miracle, but I won't count on it).

All orders that have been received I will fill the best I can, though there are a few orders placed within the last day or so which may have to wait.

You are free to continue ordering, just be aware that I will be unable to ship you your stuff for a week or so. If you do not wish to pre-pay, then please e-mail me at: z4miniatures AT (replace AT with @ and remove the spaces) with a list of how many battlesuits you want so I can order the appropriate amount.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Easter and Battlesuits!

Click on Image to Enlarge

At long last, it is finally here. Z4Miniatures is proud to announce (finally) the release of the Type-25E Battlesuit "Bouncer". Following some feedback on the initial pre-release version, some small changes have been made to the suit which I am sure everyone will appreciate. There is now more chest detail with the addition of a chest plate, and the blank spine and waist areas have been up-detailed as well. Releases are as below (RRP in brackets):

SF00001 - Battlesuit w/ Assault Rifle (53mm tall, 11 parts, metal) 1 miniature
Price: GBP10.00 (RRP: GBP11.00)

– Battlesuit w/ Recoilless Rifles (53mm tall, 12 parts, metal) 1 miniature

Price: GBP10.00 (RRP: GBP11.00)

SF10001 – Battlesuit Squad (3x Battlesuit) 3 miniatures
GBP29.00 (RRP: GBP11.00)

When ordering SF10001, please specify the preferred mix of weapons, or it will default to 2xAssault Rifle and 1x Recoilless Rifles.

The battlesuits can be purchased from the Online Store in the 28mm section.

Release offer

As a special release offer, single battlesuits will be sold at a discounted price of GBP10.00 while the squads are at a discounted price of GBP29.00. This offer is valid until the 30th April 2010.

Shipping Notice

This is a note to say that I will refund all excess postage paid (minus Packaging). This really only applies to UK residents who have made large purchases (>GBP75.00), as the costs for sending packets inland does not scale up as rapidly as it does with Airmail. For international buyers, the current shipping charges are accurate.

Online Shop - 28mm Sci-Fi


SF00004 - Type-45(D) 'Satria' Battlesuit
Details: 55mm to the top head. Comes with random leg and arm poses and the following weapons:
1x Under-arm multicannon
1x Handheld plasma rifle
1x Twin-linked assault gun
2x Missile Pods
Price: GBP14.00
Quantity: 1x metal miniature with 40mm plastic base

SF10004 - Satria Battlesuit Squad
Details: 3xSF00004, 3x SF00005 (see next item)
Price: GBP42.00
Quantity: 3x metal miniature with 40mm plastic bases

SF00005 - Satria Weapons Pack
Details: 1x Handheld plasma rifle, 1x Twin-linked assault gun
Price: GBP1.50
Quantity: 2x metal miniature accessories
*NOTE* I will not ship these out singly. They need to be purchased with any other item OR in a set of 3.  

SF00003 - Type-32(G) 'Pendekar' Battlesuit
Details: 55mm to the top of the shoulder pods. Comes with random leg and arm poses and four weapons (Left/Right hands, both shoulders)
Price: GBP13.00
Quantity: 1x metal miniature with 40mm plastic base

 SF10002 - Pendekar Battlesuit Fire Team (2)
Details: 2x SF00003. Random variants.
Price: GBP25.00Quantity: 2x metal miniature with 40mm plastic bases

SF10003 - Pendekar Battlesuit Squad (3)
Details: 3x SF00003. Random variants.
Price: GBP35.00Quantity: 3x metal miniature with 40mm plastic bases

*END OF LINE* SF00001 - Type-25E "Bouncer" Battlesuit with Assault Rifle
Details: 53mm tall. Comes with a random selection of arms and legs, two closed fists and an assault rifle with integrated hand.
Price: GBP13.00
Quantity: 11-part metal miniature and 40mm round plastic base.

*END OF LINE* SF00002 - Type-25E "Bouncer" Battlesuit with Recoilless Rifles
Details: 53mm tall. Comes with a random selection of arms and legs, two closed fists and a pair of underarm recoilless rifles.
Price: GBP13.00
Quantity: 11-part metal miniature and 40mm round plastic base.

*END OF LINE* SF10001 - Bouncer Battlesuit Squad
Details: 3x Battlesuits. Please specify weapon mix or it will default to 2x Assault Rifle (SF00001) and 1x Recoilless Rifles (SF00002)
Price: GBP35.00
Quantity: 3xmetal miniatures with 40mm round plastic bases.