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Thursday, 28 May 2009

(Very) Short hiatus on account of exams.

On account of impending exams, I am posting this to inform everyone that I will not be posting out orders until the end of next week (Friday 5th of June). All those who have pre-ordered the Azrael will have their ships sent out then as well.

Thank you for your consideration.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Video Painting Tutorial by Robin

And to follow up on the painting guide I put up late last night, Robin from the UK (who did the fantastic video review two posts down) has put up a video painting tutorial for some Diplomatic Corps ships he has (see images above). I think he does an excellent job putting across how he does his ships, and the end result is very attractive. See below or follow the link over to Youtube, make sure you watch it in HD!

Youtube link

Painting Tutorial for Diplomatic Corps ships up on The Miniatures Page.

I've been getting a fair few questions on how I do the patterning found on the various Terran Diplomatic Corps vessels, and I have posted a few text tutorials for some people before. However, I thought that some of you might find it a little more helpful if there were some pictures to accompany the words, so when I painted the Embassy-class Assault Carrier Voidborn Soliloquy (pictured above). I took photos and documented the entire process. I sent a write-up in to Bill over on The Miniatures Page, and he has kindly agreed to feature it on the Workbench section of his fantastic website. Find it over here (clickable link):

Aztecing the Embassy Assault Carrier

For those of you who have not been to The Miniatures Page before, it is the place to be for a miniature enthusiast of any stripe. The forums are huge, and filled with lots of helpful and insanely creative people that will push the boundaries of your miniature gaming world. Before The Miniatures Page, I only knew of Games Workshop, afterwards... well afterwards I have what you see here.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Youtube review and some minor changes.

First up, here is a video by Robin, who has kindly included the Diplomat Heavy Cruiser in his review of products from Ninja Magic, Ground Zero Games and ZandrisIV Miniatures.
You can see some of the other ZandrisIV Miniatures ships hiding in the background, including the Shoji Stealth Carrier towards the left, and the Embassy Assault Carrier on the Right.

Also, I've made a few changes to the shipping table in Terms & Conditions to make it more understandable, as well as adding ship sizes to the descriptions of the various ships in the Online Store.


Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Nemesis Awakening - Preorder Offer!

From the depths of space they came to ravage the colonial empire Humanity had built for itself. In its hubris, Humanity thought themselves Gods, and triggered ancient traps left by civilizations long crumbled to dust. The Nemesis awaken, and they will not stop until all of Humanity and its works is annihilated.

The very first Nemesis starship available, the Azrael Heavy Unit marks a departure from the usual chunky square stylings of the Terran Diplomatic Corps, as well as the release of Z4Miniatures first multi-part miniature. This ancient doomsday vessel measures ~100mm long by ~70mm wide and is cast in resin.

The final resin cast (Click to enlarge)
Original sculpt (Click to enlarge)

For the duration of the offer, the Azrael Heavy Unit (NM00001) is selling at the discounted price of GBP11.00 (RRP GBP12.00) in the online store, and this offer is open between 6 May 2009 until 22 May 2009. Items will ship between the last week of May and the first week of June.

Thank you!