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Sunday, 16 December 2007

Diplomats and Negotiators

The Terran Diplomatic Corps was formed as the successor of the Terran Colonial Authority, which itself succeeded the United Nations of Earth. The Corps is the main force of law and order in human space, and for the three and a half centuries since its formation, it has succeeded in maintaining the Pax Humanus against the threat of rogue stellar empires, pirates, and disagreeable aliens.

The Diplomat-class Heavy Cruiser is a workhorse of the Corps. Bristling with antiship missiles, particle accelerators and a devastating spinal laser, it is truly a force to be reckoned with whether found patrolling trade routes or in a Corps battlegroup.

The ship pictured, no. 263, otherwise known as TDCS Trust, is shown in the red and yellow livery of the 8th Corps Battlegroup, based at Sirius Fleet Base.
A common companion of the Diplomat is the Negotiator-class Heavy Destroyer pictured below. Designed to complement the cruisers by providing close in point defense support and speed to hunt down blockade runners, the Negotiator is even more frequently seen than the ubiqitous Diplomat.

Patrol group 263-Trust in formation.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Pre-Orders Open!

I am pleased to announce the launch of ZandrisIV Miniatures, and the first models for the Terran Diplomatic Corps Fleet. As of now, pre-orders can be made by e-mailing the address stated on the Terms and Conditions page.

To commemorate this occasion, all pre-orders over £20 will be shipped post-free, ANYWHERE in the world. Below £20, a £1 charge applies. This supersedes all postage costs on the Terms and Conditions page. The offer is only open until I receive the first shipment of miniatures, so get those orders coming!

All pre-orders will require 25% of the order value paid at point of ordering to confirm your order, with the remainder being payable once stock has been received and is ready to be dispatched. Invoices will be issued for both charges.

The miniatures are estimated to be ready for shipping by the last week of January. This blog will be updated as I get more news.

Terms and Conditions

Ordering Procedure
1. Add items to your shopping cart using the PayPal buttons.

2. During checkout, UK customers using 1st Class Royal Mail will have their postage calculated automatically.

3. If you wish for Special Delivery or Airsure/International Signed-For (If not in the UK), then please send me an e-mail at the following address, and I will send you a personalised quote.

4. If in stock, items will be dispatched within three working days of payment being received. Please allow up to 28 days for me to dispatch any out of stock items to you.

1. Payment via Paypal is preferred. All payments will be handled from the following e-mail address:
2. Postal orders and cheques made out in UK pounds will also be accepted, but please allow at least 5 working days for them to clear.

Terms and Conditions

1. All miniatures are sold unpainted. The images are merely a representation of a painted product.
2. All miniatures are sold as is without any form of warranty.
3. Any defective products/mispackaged products should be reported within seven (7) days of receipt so that replacements can be arranged. Cost of return shipping will be reimbursed once defective products have been received.


1. Flat-rate postage worldwide according to the chart below:

Total price: GBP0.01 - GBP10.00 - P&P 25% of total
Total price: GBP10.01 - GBP25.00 - P&P 17.5% of total
Total price: GBP25.01 - GBP30.00 - P&P 15% of total
Total price: GBP30.01 - Upwards - P&P 12.5% of total

2. Orders will be shipped by either Royal Mail 1st Class (within the UK) or Royal Mail Airmail (international).

3. Special delivery/Airsure is available for an additional £4.50/5.40 on top of the order value. Please e-mail me with your order and I will get back to you with a personalised quote.

Contact Me
Please do not hesitate to contact me (Andre Khoo) at the following e-mail address if you have any questions, problems or comments.

Online Shop - Starships

Please add the International Shipping Supplement (GBP2.00) below to your cart:


CS0002 - Singapore-class Stealth Carrier
Details: 50mm long
Price: GBP 5.00

Quantity: 1 miniature (Metal)

CS0003 - Penang-class Stealth Cruiser
Details: 65mm long
Price: GBP 4.00

Quantity: 1 miniature (Metal)

CS0004 - Malacca-class Stealth Destroyer
Details: 45mm long
Price: GBP 4.00

Quantity: 2 miniatures (Metal)

CS0005 - Labuan-class Assault Destroyer
Details: 20mm long
Price: GBP 4.00

Quantity: 2 miniatures (Metal)

CS0006 - Serigala Heavy Fighter Wing
Details: 5mm long
Price: GBP 3.00

Quantity: 18 miniatures (3x sprues of 6, Metal)

CS0007 - Harimau Superheavy Bomber Wing
Details: 9mm long, 12mm wide
Price: GBP 3.00

Quantity: 6 miniatures (3x sprues of 2, Metal)

GHI0001 - 1/15000 Imperial Battleship

Details: 43mm long
Price: GBP 5.00

Quantity: 2 miniatures (Metal)

GHI0002 - 1/15000 Imperial CruiserDetails: 37mm long
Price: GBP4.00
Quantity: 2 miniatures (Metal)

NM00001 - Nemesis Heavy Unit Azrael
Details: 100mm long x 70mm wide approx
Quantity: 1 miniature (Resin, comes in 2 parts)

NM00002 - Nemesis Light Unit YamaDetails: 35mm long x 25mm wide
Price: GBP 4.00
Quantity: 2 miniatures (Metal)

DS00001 - Diplomat-Class Heavy Cruiser
Details: 65mm long
Price: GBP 4.00
Quantity: 1 miniature

DS00002 - Negotiator-Class Heavy Destroyer
Details: 45mm long
Price: GBP 4.00
Quantity: 2 miniatures

DS00003 - Emissary-Class Assault Cruiser
Details: 50mm long
Price: GBP 3.00
Quantity: 1 miniature

DS00004 - Edict-Class Beam Cruiser
Details: 50mm long
Price: GBP 3.00
Quantity: 1 miniature

DS00005 - Contractor-Class Missile Destroyer
Details: 25mm long
Price: GBP 4.00
Quantity: 2 miniatures

DS00006 - Embassy Class Assault CarrierDetails: 75mm long
Price: GBP 6.50
Quantity: 1 miniature

DS00007 - Mercenary Class Assault FrigateDetails: 28mm long
Price: GBP 3.00
Quantity: 3 miniatures

DS00008 - Thug-class Missile FrigateDetails: 22mm long
Price: GBP 3.00
Quantity: 3 miniatures

DREAD01 - Harmony-Class Superdreadnaught (resin)
Details: 120mm long x 40mm high
Price: GBP 12.00
Quantity: 1 miniature

GN00001 - Succour-Class Escort CarrierDetails: 24mm long
Price: GBP 2.50
Quantity: 1 miniature

GN00002 - Seraph-class Superheavy Beam DestroyerDetails: 22mm long
Price: GBP 4.00
Quantity: 2 miniatures

GN00003 - Zealot-class Cyberlink FightersDetails: 8mm long
Price: GBP 3.00
Quantity: 12 miniatures

DS10001 - Patrol Squadron
Price: GBP 7.50
Quantity: 1x DS00001, 1x DS00002 (3 miniatures total)

DS10004 - General Assault Fleet
Price: GBP 20.00
Quantity: 3x DS00001, 3x DS00002 (9 miniatures total)

DS10012 - Peacekeeping Fleet
Price: GBP 50.00
Quantity: 3xDS00001, 3xDS00002 4x DS00003, 4xDS00004, 2xDS00005, 1xDREAD01 (22 miniatures total)
DS10013 - Eloquent Diplomacy Fleet
Price: GBP 72.50
Quantity: 3xDS00001, 3xDS00002 4x DS00003, 4xDS00004, 2xDS00005, 1xDS00006, 3xDS00007, 3xDS00008, 1xDREAD01 (41 miniatures total)

DS10014 - Nebula Raiding Squadron
Price: GBP 25.00
Quantity: 3xGN00001, 3xGN00002, 3xGN00003 (45 miniatures total including 36 fighters)

DS10016 - Imperial Battle Squadron
Price: GBP 21.00
Quantity: 3xGHI0001, 3xGHI0002 (12 miniatures total)

DS10017 - Diaspora Strike Fleet
Price: GBP 60.00
Quantity: 3xCS00002, 3xCS0003, 3xCS00004, 3xCS0005, 3xCS0006, 3xCS0007 (90 miniatures total including 72 fighters)

DS10018 - Diaspora Capital Fleet
Price: GBP 45.00
Quantity: 3xCS00002, 3xCS0003, 3xCS00004, 3xCS0005
(18 miniatures, no fighters included)

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