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Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas Reinforcement Bonanza!

In recognition of the holiday spirit suffusing the world, ZandrisIV Miniatures is proud to announce its first ever Christmas offer!

First, from 1st December 2009 until 3rd January 2010, all orders over GBP30.00 will be automatically reinforced with extra starships/ground vehicles! The size and type of reinforcements will be dependant on the total value and nature of the order, and I will try to give you stuff that you will most likely find useful in your games.

Secondly, on top of the reinforcements, everyone ordering above GBP30.00 will also receive a 10% discount voucher, good for any single order made in 2010.

Last, but not least, we have added new fleet deals for all the other factions. For this merry time of year, the Imperials, Guardians and Nemesis can all share the love with the Terran Diplomatic Corps.

New fleet deals:

DS10013 Eloquent Diplomacy Fleet (41 miniatures) - GBP75.00
DS10014 Nebula Raiding Squadron (45 miniatures)
- GBP25.00
DS10015 Nemesis Annihilator Coven (9 miniatures) - GBP40.00
DS10016 Imperial Battle Squadron (12 miniatures) - GBP21.00

Christmas Shipping

All items are currently in stock, and I will be posting orders up until the 18th of December 2009. After that, I will be taking a 2 week holiday, but all incoming orders will still be recorded, and all offers remain. I aim to ship the orders received over the two weeks the moment I get back on the 3rd of January 2010.

Thanks for looking, and have a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Revised 6mm Pricing

In other news today, a rogue miniature sculptor named ZandrisIV was taken away frothing by Men in White Coats after greviously slashing prices of his 6mm miniature range. He is currently being held under the Mental Arithmetic Act for gross negligence in the calculation of his prices and profit margins.

Following feedback received from several posters on The Miniatures Page, I have gone back and had a long hard look at the various costs involved in the production of the 6mm Sci-Fi Microarmour range, and decided that it would be possible for me to revise the prices downwards. This does mean that I won't be able to give out any special bundle deals or offers, but who needs them when the prices are rock bottom anyway.
So, I present the revised price list for the Nusantara Peacekeeping Army:

Nusantara Peacekeeping Army:
MA00001 – Tuah Heavy Tank (24mm long) Pack of 3 GBP4.50
MA00002 – Jebat Missile Tank (24mm long) Pack of 3 GBP4.50
MA00003 – Lekiu Light Tank (19mm long) Pack of 3 GBP3.75
MA00004 – Lekir Light Tank (Missile) (19mm long) Pack of 3 GBP3.75
MA00005 – Kasturi Hovertank (25mm long) Pack of 3 GBP3.75
MA00006 – Derhaka Recon Skimmer (21mm long) Pack of 3 GBP2.00
MA00007 – Laksamana Mobile Artillery (24mm long) Pack of 3 GBP5.50
MA00008 – Bendahara Artillery Battery (24mm long) Pack of 3 GBP5.00
MA10001 – Nusantara Strike Regiment (All vehicle packs x3 ) 72 miniatures GBP90.00

Everyone who's ordered already will have the difference in prices refunded to them. The webshop has been updated as necessary, and some minor typos have been corrected.

Monday, 5 October 2009

6mm, starships and HALF PRICE SHIPPING!

As promised, I am proud to announce the release of Z4Miniatures new 6mm micro-armour line as well as the Imperials and a new Nemesis unit.

Click Image to Enlarge

The Nusantara Peacekeeping Army comprised of units drawn from the dominions of the SEA Demarchy, and is the third largest national levy within the Terran Diplomatic Corps (Planetary Divisions). As with all such units, they receive their hardware (manufactured from standardised blueprints) from their home state, and the Demarchy equips its sons and daughters well with equipment built to (nearly) highest standards at rock bottom prices. Well trained and motivated, the NPA is the tool of choice whenever the Diplomatic Corps needs to 'convince' a particularly recalcitrant planet of the merits of peace.

Click Image to Enlarge


As a special release offer, all orders placed between now (Monday October 5th 2009) and Monday October 19th 2009 will be shipped at HALF-PRICE! All changes have been made to the store pages, so all you need to do is order as normal, and the shipping will be charged at the reduced rate.

Online Shop - Main

Please select your desired section: 

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Click Here for 6mm Sci-Fi Microarmour
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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Online Shop - 6mm

Please add the International Shipping Supplement (GBP2.00) below to your cart:

(Stock may have to be ordered in, please ask if you have any doubts!)

MA00001 - Tuah Heavy TankDetails: 24mm long
Price: GBP4.50
Quantity: 3x miniatures (2-part Metal miniatures)

MA00002 - Jebat Missile Tank
Details: 24mm long
Price: GBP4.50
Quantity: 3x miniatures (2-part Metal miniatures)

MA00003 - Lekiu Light Tank
Details: 19mm long
Price: GBP3.75
Quantity: 3x miniatures (2-part Metal miniatures)

MA00004 - Lekir Light Tank (Missile)Details: 19mm long
Price: GBP3.75
Quantity: 3x miniatures (2-part Metal miniatures)

MA00005 - Kasturi HovertankDetails: 25mm long
Price: GBP3.75
Quantity: 3x miniatures (Metal)

MA00006 - Derhaka Recon SkimmerDetails: 21mm long
Price: GBP2.00
Quantity: 3x miniatures (Metal)

MA00007 - Laksamana Mobile Artillery
Details: 24mm long
Price: GBP5.50
Quantity: 3x miniatures (2-part Metal miniatures)

MA00008 - Bendahara Artillery Battery
Details: 24mm long
Price: GBP5.00
Quantity: 3x miniatures (2-part Metal miniatures)

MA10001 - NUSANTARA Strike Regiment
Details: 3x each of MA00001 to MA00008 (24 packs of 3 miniatures each)
Price: GBP90.00
Quantity: 72x miniatures

Thursday, 1 October 2009

New stuff coming this weekend!

To everyone out there following this blog, let it be known that I will be picking up a load of the 6mm, Imperial and Nemesis ships advertised in the preceding posts from the caster tomorrow. The store will be updated with full details this weekend.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Upcoming Releases

I am back, and Z4Miniatures is open again, and I am pleased to say that we will soon be releasing some more new miniatures, within the next month.

Upcoming stuff: (Click on links for images)

1/15000 Imperial Battleship
1/15000 Imperial Cruiser
Nemesis Yama Light Unit

6mm - For sizes click here
Heavy Tank
Missile Tank
Light Tank
Recon Skimmer
Howitzer Emplacement
Mobile Howitzer

Landmate-esque Battlesuit. - Please note that this is the casting master, the finished suit *will* have a full set of arms and legs. For photos with weapons, click here.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Summer Holidays! Until August 24th.

Hi everyone,

It's that time of the year again, and unfortunately, I will be away from the store while on holiday until August 24th 2009. Everyone who has placed orders up till today, your items will be dispatched by next week. Any orders received after today will be dispatched after my return.

If you have any questions or need an order urgently, then do contact me by e-mail before placing it to confirm that I have stock and will be able to get your order out to you in time.


Thursday, 28 May 2009

(Very) Short hiatus on account of exams.

On account of impending exams, I am posting this to inform everyone that I will not be posting out orders until the end of next week (Friday 5th of June). All those who have pre-ordered the Azrael will have their ships sent out then as well.

Thank you for your consideration.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Video Painting Tutorial by Robin

And to follow up on the painting guide I put up late last night, Robin from the UK (who did the fantastic video review two posts down) has put up a video painting tutorial for some Diplomatic Corps ships he has (see images above). I think he does an excellent job putting across how he does his ships, and the end result is very attractive. See below or follow the link over to Youtube, make sure you watch it in HD!

Youtube link

Painting Tutorial for Diplomatic Corps ships up on The Miniatures Page.

I've been getting a fair few questions on how I do the patterning found on the various Terran Diplomatic Corps vessels, and I have posted a few text tutorials for some people before. However, I thought that some of you might find it a little more helpful if there were some pictures to accompany the words, so when I painted the Embassy-class Assault Carrier Voidborn Soliloquy (pictured above). I took photos and documented the entire process. I sent a write-up in to Bill over on The Miniatures Page, and he has kindly agreed to feature it on the Workbench section of his fantastic website. Find it over here (clickable link):

Aztecing the Embassy Assault Carrier

For those of you who have not been to The Miniatures Page before, it is the place to be for a miniature enthusiast of any stripe. The forums are huge, and filled with lots of helpful and insanely creative people that will push the boundaries of your miniature gaming world. Before The Miniatures Page, I only knew of Games Workshop, afterwards... well afterwards I have what you see here.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Youtube review and some minor changes.

First up, here is a video by Robin, who has kindly included the Diplomat Heavy Cruiser in his review of products from Ninja Magic, Ground Zero Games and ZandrisIV Miniatures.
You can see some of the other ZandrisIV Miniatures ships hiding in the background, including the Shoji Stealth Carrier towards the left, and the Embassy Assault Carrier on the Right.

Also, I've made a few changes to the shipping table in Terms & Conditions to make it more understandable, as well as adding ship sizes to the descriptions of the various ships in the Online Store.


Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Nemesis Awakening - Preorder Offer!

From the depths of space they came to ravage the colonial empire Humanity had built for itself. In its hubris, Humanity thought themselves Gods, and triggered ancient traps left by civilizations long crumbled to dust. The Nemesis awaken, and they will not stop until all of Humanity and its works is annihilated.

The very first Nemesis starship available, the Azrael Heavy Unit marks a departure from the usual chunky square stylings of the Terran Diplomatic Corps, as well as the release of Z4Miniatures first multi-part miniature. This ancient doomsday vessel measures ~100mm long by ~70mm wide and is cast in resin.

The final resin cast (Click to enlarge)
Original sculpt (Click to enlarge)

For the duration of the offer, the Azrael Heavy Unit (NM00001) is selling at the discounted price of GBP11.00 (RRP GBP12.00) in the online store, and this offer is open between 6 May 2009 until 22 May 2009. Items will ship between the last week of May and the first week of June.

Thank you!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Back on Track

As some of you might know, there was a little hiccup in the supply chain during the middle of this month because both the casters and myself underestimated the impact of Salute and Triples AND Easter on the casting schedule.

However, I am pleased to announce that I have healthy stocks of all the ships now, and things will be shipping promptly again.


Thursday, 26 March 2009

Z4Miniatures is going to SALUTE!

ZandrisIV Miniatures is proud to present the fourth wave of our starship miniatures, premiering at Salute! This wave comprises five ships, two frigates of the Terran Diplomatic Corps, and three vessels of the zealous Guardians of the Nebula. The ships are as follows:

DS00007 – Mercenary-class Assault Frigate (28mm long) Pack of 3 @ GBP3.00
DS00008 – Thug-class Missile Frigate (22mm long) Pack of 3 @ GBP3.00
GN00001 – Succour-class Escort Carrier (24mm long) Pack of 1 @ GBP2.50
GN00002 – Seraph-class Superheavy Beam Destroyer (22mm long) Pack of 2 @ GBP4.00
GN00003 – Zealot-class Cyberlink Fighters (8mm long) Pack of 12 @ GBP3.00

In the image above, clockwise from the bottom left; Zealot Fighter, Seraph Destroyer, Succour Carrier, Thug Missile Frigate and Mercenary Assault Frigate.

The entire metal range of Z4Miniatures ships will be carried by Ground Zero Games on our behalf during the show. The resin ships, however, remain direct only from the Z4Miniatures Online Store. Please note that all the special deals and packs on the Online Store are only available online. GZG will be selling the ships “loose”.

Starting from Thursday 26th March 2009, I will be taking pre-orders both for collection at Salute 2009 and for regular postal delivery. As always, shipping is FREE during this preorder period so as long as your shopping cart contains at least one of the new products. Unlike previous times, I will be temporarily removing the shipping charge from the webstore, so there will be no problems with e-mailing for free ships, whatever extra ships you want, just order them, everything goes POST FREE!

There will be two new catalogue options in the store, one saying SALUTE PREORDER and another REGULAR PREORDER. Please place one or the other into your cart when you check out (they will be free “items”) in order to inform me of how you wish to pick up your order. If nothing is indicated, I will assume the order is a REGULAR PREORDER and act accordingly.

SALUTE PREORDERs will be available for pickup from the Ground Zero Games stand at Salute 1 hour after opening. Please note that as it is a very busy time for both myself and GZG, stocks are limited and these preorders will be packed in a first come first serve basis. You will be informed by e-mail if we have insufficient stock to fill your pre-order, and it will be converted to a REGULAR PREORDER. You will pay the exact same amount of money either way.

REGULAR PREORDERs will start shipping in the third week of April. They will ship POST-FREE as usual.

Unfortunately, I also have a little bad news to report, due to the poor exchange rate and rising costs, the prices of the resin ships will be rising as of the 1st of April. The decision to raise prices was not undertaken lightly, and will be revised if the economic conditions allow for it (I.e. the British Pound digs itself out of the massive hole it is in at the moment.)

The revised prices are:
DREAD01 - Harmony-class Superdreadnaught GBP12.00
DS00006 – Embassy-class Assault Carrier GBP6.50
CS00001 – Shoji-class Stealth Carrier GBP5.50

Any orders placed before the 1st of April will be charged at their original price, and this includes all pre-orders.

Thank you!