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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I'm on holiday!

Just a quick notice to say the following:

1. I am not dead. I have been distracted by some fishy hobbies (literally) the past month, but I am still very much alive and wanting to build robots and spaceships.

2. I will be on holiday effective today until the 14th of December. As such, all orders placed during this time will not be processed until my return. However I have full stock of all spaceships and battlesuits and any orders placed during my absence will be shipped by the 15th.

Thank you for supporting Z4Miniatures, it's been 5 years now, and it's still going! 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

15mm Dropship WiP Round 2

Worked a little more on the 6mm/15mm Dropship. Added mounting points for the vectored engines, engine vents and some of the cockpit detail.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Works in Progress - Battlesuit, Battlesuit, Mecha & Dropship

And I rise, zombie-like from the ashes of the Diaspora Authority release to showcase some upcoming battlesuit and mecha designs. Two of these have already been previewed on TheMiniaturesPage (and elsewhere), but design no.3 is new.

From left to right, the Satria (Pendekar Mk2) Battlesuit, Thunder God Mecha and Constable Battlesuit. There's still plenty of work to be done. The Satria's arm doesn't have an elbow, the Constable's forearm hasn't been trimmed and the Thunder God doesn't even have a forearm. Posing with the 3 big boys are a 15mm Rebel Minis infantry figure and a 28mm Games Workshop Space Marine Scout.

A profile view of the Satria's torso, showing the difference from the original Pendekar.

In addition, I have begun to dabble in some vehicles, and I'm happy to present a multi-scale (6-15mm) dropship. Measuring approx 11.5cm from nose to tail, it will happily serve at squad, platoon or company level depending on your chosen scale. It is shown below with a 15mm Rebel Minis infantryman for scale.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

New Diaspora Authority Fleet Pack and FREE SHIPPING Extended

Following some feedback received, I figured that some people might not be hugely keen on buying an absolute swarm of fighters with their ships, so I've made a few changes to the fleet packs in order to satisfy those of you with a capital ship craving.

The following has been added:

DS10018 - Diaspora Capital Fleet (3x CS0002, 3x CS0003, 3x CS0004, 3x CS0005) - GBP45.00

Also, I've changed the price of the following to bring it in line with the discount offered by the above:

DS10017 - Diaspora Strike Fleet - GBP60.00 (Reduced from GBP65.00)

In addition, I have extended the FREE SHIPPING offer until THE END OF JUNE!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Diaspora Authority Fleet Release and SPECIAL OFFER!

Diaspora carrier group
I am pleased to announce the release of the ships of the Terran Diaspora Authority, including the long awaited Mk2 Stealth carrier. The fleet has been long in the making, and this release should give everyone enough ships of the line to play with a complete fleet from the get-go, including fighters.

Diaspora carrier group with fighters

The pricing is as follows, please note that the item codes have changed since my the preview posts I put on TMP and Starship Combat News last week.

CS0002 - Singapore-class Stealth Carrier - 50mm long - GBP5.00/ea
CS0003 - Penang-class Stealth Cruiser - 65mm long - GBP4.00/ea
CS0004 - Malacca-class Stealth Destroyer - 45mm long - GBP4.00/pair
CS0005 - Labuan-class Assault Destroyer - 20mm long - GBP4.00/pair
CS0006 - Serigala Heavy Fighter Wing - 5mm long - GBP3.00/18 fighters
CS0007 - Harimau Superheavy Bomber - 12mm wide - GBP3.00/6 fighters

DS10017 - Diaspora Strike Fleet - 90 miniatures (3x of each release pack) - GBP64.00

Buy them now in the online store.

More photos in my Flickr gallery.


From today until June 17th 2012, I will be offering FREE GIFTS on all orders which include at least one of the new releases! These gifts take the form of ships from the new releases up to the value paid for postage of the order, essentially giving you FREE POSTAGE. If you have any special requests with regards to what ships you want, e-mail me when you order and I will do my best to accomodate you.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Quick updates

Update #1

I am still alive. Busy with 'real' work, but very much still alive. And the shop is still open!

Update #2

The following 6 ships were sent to the caster yesterday.

Diaspora Stealth Cruiser
Diaspora Stealth Destroyer
Diaspora Stealth Carrier Mk2
Diaspora SuperHeavy Bomber (Fleet scale)
Diaspora Space Superiority Fighter (Fleet scale)

Nebula Raider Assault Destroyer

I am cautiously optimistic that these will be ready for release by the end of April/early May. It's all in the caster's very capable hands right now.