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Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Holidays and a Free Stuff!

Z4Miniatures will be on its (my) annual holiday between 18th December and 6th January, so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

As one would expect, I won't be around to ship anything out during that period, however, as a small contribution to the holiday cheer, any orders received during this period will receive a free gift (could be a ship, could be a tank, could be an extra missile pack, who knows?).

In addition, Jay Adan sent me a few more photos of the Pendekar:
(Click to see in full size)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Painted Pendekar Battlesuit and Video Review.

(Click on image to enlarge)

Jay Adan who does amazing painting (site), has very kindly sent me the first painted photo of a Pendekar Battlesuit, and a video review of the kit to go with it.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

'Pendekar' Battlesuit Released!

The Type-32(G) 'Pendekar' battlesuit is the latest addition to Z4Miniatures range of 28mm science fiction miniatures. Each model stands 56mm to its tallest point and comes with four different weapons, with empty fists and clear mounting areas for you to add your own if so desired. Four arm variants along with a ball-and-socket shoulder joint give excellent poseability, and the legs and pelvis are now fused into two variants, streamlining assembly, and eliminating the previous requirement that you have four hands to hold the entire assembly together.

Size comparison, from left to right: GW Tau Battlesuit, Z4 Pendekar Battlesuit, Infinity Marut TAG, Z4 Bouncer Battlesuit.

Detail shots. (R) hand: Assault Rifle, (R) shoulder: Missile Pod, (L) hand: SMG with grenade

Also, the battlesuit is fully compatible size-wise with the weapons from the Games Workshop Tau Battlesuit. The weapons can mount with minimal fuss onto the shoulder mounts, or with a little trimming (or putty) will fit onto the forearm.

This release encompasses the following:

SF00001 - Type-32(G) 'Pendekar' Battlesuit 1x metal miniature, random variant. GBP13.00
SF10002 - Pendekar Battlesuit Fireteam 2x metal miniatures, random variants. GBP25.00
SF10003 - Pendekar Battlesuit Squad 3x metal miniatures, random variants. GBP35.00

Click here to visit the online store!

Shock! Horror! Pandemonium!
As an additional note, I am afraid I've been forced to increase the prices of the Bouncer battlesuits slightly due to a combination of onerous postage charges by Royal Mail and rising material costs. I apologise deeply for this.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Battlesuit v2 Preview!

At long last, Z4Miniatures 2nd battlesuit is on its way to starting full production. Here are some photos of the preproduction masters that I received yesterday (and sent back today for casting).

Click on images to enlarge

Fully assembled with Blutak and in comparison with several other miniatures:From left to right: Z4Miniatures Bouncer Battlesuit, New battlesuit, Infinity Aleph Asura, Infinity Aleph Marut

Some close-ups of the two leg variants because the above photo doesn't show em off well:

And finally, the parts breakdown. Each suit will come with half of the below components plus a pair of empty fists (not shown)
Height is 50mm to the top of the "head", 57mm to the top of the tall shoulder missile pod. In the photos above it's sitting on a 40mm base, and the shoulder attachments are simple flat areas that can accommodate weapon options from other miniature lines.

Integral weapons are an Assault Rifle in the right hand, SMG+grenade launcher in the left hand, and micromissile and heavy missile shoulder pods.

Final price to be determined, but it will be slightly higher than the price of the current Bouncer battlesuit to account for the extra weapons supplied.

Monday, 26 September 2011

New Battlesuit Preview & Shipping Changes

It's been a long while since the last update, but the new Battlesuit is finally going into production. As a preview of things to come, here is an image of the master. Bear in mind that it's missing an arm and half a leg, which will be duplicated from the contralateral side. Initial release will come will have a pistol, SMG and assault rifle as hand weapon options, along with submunition launchers and missile launchers for the shoulders.

However, not everything is all sunshine and rainbows. After many months of absorbing Royal Mail's frankly insane price changes, I sad to say that I have revised the postage rates slightly to help offset the increased cost. This translates to the following:

Total price: GBP0.01 - GBP10.00 - P&P 25% of total
Total price: GBP10.01 - GBP25.00 - P&P 17.5% of total
Total price: GBP25.01 - GBP30.00 - P&P 15% of total
Total price: GBP30.01 - Upwards - P&P 12.5% of total

Please note that while the costs may seem high, all postage costs paid that are in excess of what is actually charged to me by Royal Mail will be refunded (this has always been an unwritten rule).

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New designs! New battlesuit!

To those who have been enquiring, yes I am still alive, and yes I am still trading and shipping stuff out. To compensate for the long silence, I offer some WiP photos, there's some older stuff there, waiting in the pipeline, and there's the new battlesuit I'm brewing up, this time with less casting issues and weight problems.

(Back row, left to right: Stealth Light Cruiser, Stealth Heavy Cruiser, Stealth Carrier (Shoji Mk2), Nebula Heavy Cruiser; Front row, left to right: Diaspora Fighter, Diaspora Superheavy Bomber)
Concept art and initial work on a new battlesuit. A fusion of the Shirow-style design with some elements of Ma.K thrown in. It will come in less parts, and the main bulk of it will be in resin (or perhaps even all of it).

I also have some other news.

As those of you who have recently tried to purchase them have been told, I am withdrawing the Azrael Heavy Unit, the Yama Light Unit and the Shoji Stealth Carrier from the store. The former two have had rather disappointing sales, and I am not planning to continue that line. The Shoji is being updated to a completely new (and in my opinion much better) look as in the first image above.