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Sunday, 20 January 2008

Fresh Prototypes! - Beam and Assault Cruisers

The first two of the next wave of ships. Click on images for larger version.

Assault Cruiser

The standard TDC ship of the line, the assault cruiser packs a lot of firepower into a conveniently sized (cheap) hull. Mounting six turrets, including a super-heavy dual beam turret, the Assault Cruiser is almost as heavily armed, and faster than its heavier cousin the Diplomat.

Beam Cruiser
The beam cruiser was designed for only one thing, and one thing alone, unloading a massive amount of focused energy into one small area. Whether said area is the hull of an alien battleship, or the crust of a rebellious planet is not something the designers of this ship bothered to specify. Comparison Chart.
From top to bottom: Assault Carrier, Diplomat Heavy Cruiser, Beam Cruiser, Assault Cruiser, Negotiator Heavy Destroyer, GZG NSL Lutznow Class Destroyer.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Assault Cruiser - Preliminary structure

A little update on the concept art. I have built up the basic structure of the Assault carrier. Details will still have to be added, but this is pretty much the final shape.

First batch of ships!

Today I received the first production batch of ships from the casters. I must say that GZG-Jon has not disappointed, the casts are clean and as far as I can see, have very little in the way of imperfections (outside of the normal mold-lines).

This does mean, however, that pre-order period has now closed for the Heavy Cruiser, Heavy Destroyer, and their associated fleet packs. A very big thank you to those who have placed pre-orders, and have expressed interest and support of the line up till now.

All ships are now in stock and will be shipped out as soon as orders are received.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New concept art!

Here is some of the concept art for the upcoming ships for the Terran diplomatic corps. The ships are, across from the top left hand corner:

i. Assault Carrier ~ 8-10cm

- The hangar bay runs down the length of the vessel, with landing bays along the sides.

ii. Engineering/Arsenal ship or Light Carrier ~ 6-8cm

- Central bay area contains the payload. Have yet to decide what the final payload will be, may be possible to have swappable loads.

iii. Proposed carrier design.

- The little boxes are all supposed to house a single fighter, which would be launched off like missiles.

iv. Light/Escort cruiser ~ 5-6cm

- Originally a destroyer, but lengthened to cruiser size, might be cut down again to produce a frigate.

v. Battleship ~ 8-10cm

- Inspired by the Kushan heavy cruiser in Homeworld.

vi. Command ship ~ 2-4cm

vii Hospital ship ~6-8cm

Construction of prototypes will begin soon. Expect to see a couple of these ships "in the plastic" soon.