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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

'Pendekar' Battlesuit Released!

The Type-32(G) 'Pendekar' battlesuit is the latest addition to Z4Miniatures range of 28mm science fiction miniatures. Each model stands 56mm to its tallest point and comes with four different weapons, with empty fists and clear mounting areas for you to add your own if so desired. Four arm variants along with a ball-and-socket shoulder joint give excellent poseability, and the legs and pelvis are now fused into two variants, streamlining assembly, and eliminating the previous requirement that you have four hands to hold the entire assembly together.

Size comparison, from left to right: GW Tau Battlesuit, Z4 Pendekar Battlesuit, Infinity Marut TAG, Z4 Bouncer Battlesuit.

Detail shots. (R) hand: Assault Rifle, (R) shoulder: Missile Pod, (L) hand: SMG with grenade

Also, the battlesuit is fully compatible size-wise with the weapons from the Games Workshop Tau Battlesuit. The weapons can mount with minimal fuss onto the shoulder mounts, or with a little trimming (or putty) will fit onto the forearm.

This release encompasses the following:

SF00001 - Type-32(G) 'Pendekar' Battlesuit 1x metal miniature, random variant. GBP13.00
SF10002 - Pendekar Battlesuit Fireteam 2x metal miniatures, random variants. GBP25.00
SF10003 - Pendekar Battlesuit Squad 3x metal miniatures, random variants. GBP35.00

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Shock! Horror! Pandemonium!
As an additional note, I am afraid I've been forced to increase the prices of the Bouncer battlesuits slightly due to a combination of onerous postage charges by Royal Mail and rising material costs. I apologise deeply for this.


Martin said...

These look great! I've been wanting to get a bouncer or two, but I think the Pendekar has jumped ahead in line. :)

John Bear Ross said...

Beautiful suits (but then again, I've always liked your stuff).

Might I suggest cross-marketing them to 15mm scale folks? They'd make fearsome combat walkers.