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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Battlesuit v2 Preview!

At long last, Z4Miniatures 2nd battlesuit is on its way to starting full production. Here are some photos of the preproduction masters that I received yesterday (and sent back today for casting).

Click on images to enlarge

Fully assembled with Blutak and in comparison with several other miniatures:From left to right: Z4Miniatures Bouncer Battlesuit, New battlesuit, Infinity Aleph Asura, Infinity Aleph Marut

Some close-ups of the two leg variants because the above photo doesn't show em off well:

And finally, the parts breakdown. Each suit will come with half of the below components plus a pair of empty fists (not shown)
Height is 50mm to the top of the "head", 57mm to the top of the tall shoulder missile pod. In the photos above it's sitting on a 40mm base, and the shoulder attachments are simple flat areas that can accommodate weapon options from other miniature lines.

Integral weapons are an Assault Rifle in the right hand, SMG+grenade launcher in the left hand, and micromissile and heavy missile shoulder pods.

Final price to be determined, but it will be slightly higher than the price of the current Bouncer battlesuit to account for the extra weapons supplied.

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