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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Revised 6mm Pricing

In other news today, a rogue miniature sculptor named ZandrisIV was taken away frothing by Men in White Coats after greviously slashing prices of his 6mm miniature range. He is currently being held under the Mental Arithmetic Act for gross negligence in the calculation of his prices and profit margins.

Following feedback received from several posters on The Miniatures Page, I have gone back and had a long hard look at the various costs involved in the production of the 6mm Sci-Fi Microarmour range, and decided that it would be possible for me to revise the prices downwards. This does mean that I won't be able to give out any special bundle deals or offers, but who needs them when the prices are rock bottom anyway.
So, I present the revised price list for the Nusantara Peacekeeping Army:

Nusantara Peacekeeping Army:
MA00001 – Tuah Heavy Tank (24mm long) Pack of 3 GBP4.50
MA00002 – Jebat Missile Tank (24mm long) Pack of 3 GBP4.50
MA00003 – Lekiu Light Tank (19mm long) Pack of 3 GBP3.75
MA00004 – Lekir Light Tank (Missile) (19mm long) Pack of 3 GBP3.75
MA00005 – Kasturi Hovertank (25mm long) Pack of 3 GBP3.75
MA00006 – Derhaka Recon Skimmer (21mm long) Pack of 3 GBP2.00
MA00007 – Laksamana Mobile Artillery (24mm long) Pack of 3 GBP5.50
MA00008 – Bendahara Artillery Battery (24mm long) Pack of 3 GBP5.00
MA10001 – Nusantara Strike Regiment (All vehicle packs x3 ) 72 miniatures GBP90.00

Everyone who's ordered already will have the difference in prices refunded to them. The webshop has been updated as necessary, and some minor typos have been corrected.

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