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Monday, 5 October 2009

6mm, starships and HALF PRICE SHIPPING!

As promised, I am proud to announce the release of Z4Miniatures new 6mm micro-armour line as well as the Imperials and a new Nemesis unit.

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The Nusantara Peacekeeping Army comprised of units drawn from the dominions of the SEA Demarchy, and is the third largest national levy within the Terran Diplomatic Corps (Planetary Divisions). As with all such units, they receive their hardware (manufactured from standardised blueprints) from their home state, and the Demarchy equips its sons and daughters well with equipment built to (nearly) highest standards at rock bottom prices. Well trained and motivated, the NPA is the tool of choice whenever the Diplomatic Corps needs to 'convince' a particularly recalcitrant planet of the merits of peace.

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As a special release offer, all orders placed between now (Monday October 5th 2009) and Monday October 19th 2009 will be shipped at HALF-PRICE! All changes have been made to the store pages, so all you need to do is order as normal, and the shipping will be charged at the reduced rate.

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