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Monday, 25 May 2009

Painting Tutorial for Diplomatic Corps ships up on The Miniatures Page.

I've been getting a fair few questions on how I do the patterning found on the various Terran Diplomatic Corps vessels, and I have posted a few text tutorials for some people before. However, I thought that some of you might find it a little more helpful if there were some pictures to accompany the words, so when I painted the Embassy-class Assault Carrier Voidborn Soliloquy (pictured above). I took photos and documented the entire process. I sent a write-up in to Bill over on The Miniatures Page, and he has kindly agreed to feature it on the Workbench section of his fantastic website. Find it over here (clickable link):

Aztecing the Embassy Assault Carrier

For those of you who have not been to The Miniatures Page before, it is the place to be for a miniature enthusiast of any stripe. The forums are huge, and filled with lots of helpful and insanely creative people that will push the boundaries of your miniature gaming world. Before The Miniatures Page, I only knew of Games Workshop, afterwards... well afterwards I have what you see here.

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