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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Nemesis Awakening - Preorder Offer!

From the depths of space they came to ravage the colonial empire Humanity had built for itself. In its hubris, Humanity thought themselves Gods, and triggered ancient traps left by civilizations long crumbled to dust. The Nemesis awaken, and they will not stop until all of Humanity and its works is annihilated.

The very first Nemesis starship available, the Azrael Heavy Unit marks a departure from the usual chunky square stylings of the Terran Diplomatic Corps, as well as the release of Z4Miniatures first multi-part miniature. This ancient doomsday vessel measures ~100mm long by ~70mm wide and is cast in resin.

The final resin cast (Click to enlarge)
Original sculpt (Click to enlarge)

For the duration of the offer, the Azrael Heavy Unit (NM00001) is selling at the discounted price of GBP11.00 (RRP GBP12.00) in the online store, and this offer is open between 6 May 2009 until 22 May 2009. Items will ship between the last week of May and the first week of June.

Thank you!


Dragonforge said...

Nice, How did you do the hex shapes so nice and tight.

Ben said...

Very nice :)
I'm assuming that this is the first of the nemesis race for the Terran Dip-Corp? If so I can't wait to grab a fleet of each...

Eli Arndt said...

These ships are lovely. Your models are going to pull me back into fleet scale gaming.