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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Wave 3 Release Offer!

Finally, Z4Miniatures has been able to release something which satisfies all those wonderful people who keep asking us:

Where are the carriers?


Where is my adversary faction!?

With Wave 3, both these questions have been answered to a certain extent (we hope). Z4Miniatures is proud to present the:

Embassy-class Assault Carrier for the Terran Diplomatic Corps fleet.
Shoji-class Stealth Carrier for the Human Diaspora Authority fleet

and an additional fleet deal:

Carrier Group (Assault) - One Embassy carrier and two Assault Cruisers

As always, there will be a limited time offer to commemorate this release. This time, the offer period is between now and Tuesday 18th November. Any orders placed during this period that contain the new ships (Codes: DS00006, CS00001, DS10013) will receive free ships up to the value of shipping that was paid. I need not let everyone know that this equates to FREE SHIPPING! The ships being given away are as follows:

Order value up to GBP9.99 - 1x Missile Destroyer OR 1x Heavy Destroyer

Order value GBP10.00 to GBP19.99 - 1x Beam Cruiser OR 1x Assault Cruiser

Order value GBP20.00 to GBP39.99 - 2x Missile Destroyer OR 2x Heavy Destroyer OR 1x Heavy Cruiser

Order values above GBP40.00 - Contact me with what you are interested in, and I'll customise the freebies accordingly.

Please note that this applies to the value of your *entire* order so as long as you have at least one of the carriers in it. Please tell me what ships you want in the "Additional Notes" section of the Paypal payment page (or by e-mail, or whatever other means you have of contacting me) or I will throw in whichever ships I feel most appropriate for your order.

All ships are in stock and ready for dispatch!

And again, thank you to everyone who has supported Z4Miniatures thus far, keep those ideas and encouragement coming!

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