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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Carriers ahoy!

The Embassy-class Assault Carriers are the workhorse carriers of the Terran Diplomatic Corps. While TDC combat doctrine typically eschews the use of fighters in favour of missiles and heavy spinal weaponry, there are times when total obliteration of the opposing force would be considered a sub-optimal outcome, this is when the Embassy carriers come in. Each carrying six wings of cyberlinked fighters/small craft, they are able to conduct operations ranging from surgical strikes on enemy warships, to providing ground forces with aerospace support.

The Terran Diaspora Authority was birthed at the same time as the Terran Diplomatic Corps, in death throes of the old Terran Colonial Authority in its war against the Nemesis engines. While the Diplomatic Corps mandate was to police the Pax Humanus, the Diaspora was formed to spread the seeds of humanity throughout the galaxy, in the hope that Humanity would never be on the brink of extinction again.

Ranging at the edges of human controlled space with their massive cityships, the Diaspora are at the forefront of opening up new worlds for colonisation and exploration. When a colony is first established it is under Diaspora administration for its first decade, before it gains independence and enters the Pax Humanus.

Relations between the Diplomatic Corps and the Diaspora are never completely cordial, as it is often in these new colonies that troublemakers, revolutionaries and recidivists collect. When the local Diaspora forces are infiltrated with these undesirable elements, it is often then when incidents occur when Diplomatic fleets arrive to apprehend/quell disturbances. However, none of these incidents has ever led to a full on confrontation between these two factions of humanity, as at the very highest levels, it is understood that such a conflict would probably spell the end of the Pax Humanus.

Unlike the TDC, the Diaspora Authority makes wide use of fighters and small craft. This is due to the generally lower tech-levels present within the Diaspora fleets, and a correspondingly higher number of crazy wannabe heroes willing to speed off in the glorified missiles the public like to refer to as fighters. Cyberlinking is uncommon, and as such, most fighters actually contain a fully human pilot.

The main delivery system for these crazy wannabe heroes is the Shoji Stealth Carrier. Ubiquitious, cheap and produced in vast numbers in the cityship forges, the Stealth Carrier is the main ship of the line for the Diaspora, alongside the Nue-class Stealth Cruisers.

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Anonymous said...

Nice minis I especially like the assault carrier, hope you make more of the smaller ships (frigates/corvettes) and fighters to go with the carriers.