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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Works in Progress - Battlesuit, Battlesuit, Mecha & Dropship

And I rise, zombie-like from the ashes of the Diaspora Authority release to showcase some upcoming battlesuit and mecha designs. Two of these have already been previewed on TheMiniaturesPage (and elsewhere), but design no.3 is new.

From left to right, the Satria (Pendekar Mk2) Battlesuit, Thunder God Mecha and Constable Battlesuit. There's still plenty of work to be done. The Satria's arm doesn't have an elbow, the Constable's forearm hasn't been trimmed and the Thunder God doesn't even have a forearm. Posing with the 3 big boys are a 15mm Rebel Minis infantry figure and a 28mm Games Workshop Space Marine Scout.

A profile view of the Satria's torso, showing the difference from the original Pendekar.

In addition, I have begun to dabble in some vehicles, and I'm happy to present a multi-scale (6-15mm) dropship. Measuring approx 11.5cm from nose to tail, it will happily serve at squad, platoon or company level depending on your chosen scale. It is shown below with a 15mm Rebel Minis infantryman for scale.

1 comment:

Bill said...

That dropship looks great, I want five. :)

One thing: from that angle, the cockpit looks too close to the nose; there's no room for legs and avionics in there.