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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New designs! New battlesuit!

To those who have been enquiring, yes I am still alive, and yes I am still trading and shipping stuff out. To compensate for the long silence, I offer some WiP photos, there's some older stuff there, waiting in the pipeline, and there's the new battlesuit I'm brewing up, this time with less casting issues and weight problems.

(Back row, left to right: Stealth Light Cruiser, Stealth Heavy Cruiser, Stealth Carrier (Shoji Mk2), Nebula Heavy Cruiser; Front row, left to right: Diaspora Fighter, Diaspora Superheavy Bomber)
Concept art and initial work on a new battlesuit. A fusion of the Shirow-style design with some elements of Ma.K thrown in. It will come in less parts, and the main bulk of it will be in resin (or perhaps even all of it).

I also have some other news.

As those of you who have recently tried to purchase them have been told, I am withdrawing the Azrael Heavy Unit, the Yama Light Unit and the Shoji Stealth Carrier from the store. The former two have had rather disappointing sales, and I am not planning to continue that line. The Shoji is being updated to a completely new (and in my opinion much better) look as in the first image above.


inrepose said...

Very nice to see you in action again! The heavy fighter looks brilliant!

Eli Arndt said...

Would you ever consider doing fleet scale mecha of various sorts?


Eli Arndt said...

I love the new powersuit, BTW. The new fighters are what made me think of the above mecha inquiry.