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Monday, 12 April 2010

Easter and Battlesuits!

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At long last, it is finally here. Z4Miniatures is proud to announce (finally) the release of the Type-25E Battlesuit "Bouncer". Following some feedback on the initial pre-release version, some small changes have been made to the suit which I am sure everyone will appreciate. There is now more chest detail with the addition of a chest plate, and the blank spine and waist areas have been up-detailed as well. Releases are as below (RRP in brackets):

SF00001 - Battlesuit w/ Assault Rifle (53mm tall, 11 parts, metal) 1 miniature
Price: GBP10.00 (RRP: GBP11.00)

– Battlesuit w/ Recoilless Rifles (53mm tall, 12 parts, metal) 1 miniature

Price: GBP10.00 (RRP: GBP11.00)

SF10001 – Battlesuit Squad (3x Battlesuit) 3 miniatures
GBP29.00 (RRP: GBP11.00)

When ordering SF10001, please specify the preferred mix of weapons, or it will default to 2xAssault Rifle and 1x Recoilless Rifles.

The battlesuits can be purchased from the Online Store in the 28mm section.

Release offer

As a special release offer, single battlesuits will be sold at a discounted price of GBP10.00 while the squads are at a discounted price of GBP29.00. This offer is valid until the 30th April 2010.

Shipping Notice

This is a note to say that I will refund all excess postage paid (minus Packaging). This really only applies to UK residents who have made large purchases (>GBP75.00), as the costs for sending packets inland does not scale up as rapidly as it does with Airmail. For international buyers, the current shipping charges are accurate.

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