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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Z4Miniatures is going to SALUTE!

ZandrisIV Miniatures is proud to present the fourth wave of our starship miniatures, premiering at Salute! This wave comprises five ships, two frigates of the Terran Diplomatic Corps, and three vessels of the zealous Guardians of the Nebula. The ships are as follows:

DS00007 – Mercenary-class Assault Frigate (28mm long) Pack of 3 @ GBP3.00
DS00008 – Thug-class Missile Frigate (22mm long) Pack of 3 @ GBP3.00
GN00001 – Succour-class Escort Carrier (24mm long) Pack of 1 @ GBP2.50
GN00002 – Seraph-class Superheavy Beam Destroyer (22mm long) Pack of 2 @ GBP4.00
GN00003 – Zealot-class Cyberlink Fighters (8mm long) Pack of 12 @ GBP3.00

In the image above, clockwise from the bottom left; Zealot Fighter, Seraph Destroyer, Succour Carrier, Thug Missile Frigate and Mercenary Assault Frigate.

The entire metal range of Z4Miniatures ships will be carried by Ground Zero Games on our behalf during the show. The resin ships, however, remain direct only from the Z4Miniatures Online Store. Please note that all the special deals and packs on the Online Store are only available online. GZG will be selling the ships “loose”.

Starting from Thursday 26th March 2009, I will be taking pre-orders both for collection at Salute 2009 and for regular postal delivery. As always, shipping is FREE during this preorder period so as long as your shopping cart contains at least one of the new products. Unlike previous times, I will be temporarily removing the shipping charge from the webstore, so there will be no problems with e-mailing for free ships, whatever extra ships you want, just order them, everything goes POST FREE!

There will be two new catalogue options in the store, one saying SALUTE PREORDER and another REGULAR PREORDER. Please place one or the other into your cart when you check out (they will be free “items”) in order to inform me of how you wish to pick up your order. If nothing is indicated, I will assume the order is a REGULAR PREORDER and act accordingly.

SALUTE PREORDERs will be available for pickup from the Ground Zero Games stand at Salute 1 hour after opening. Please note that as it is a very busy time for both myself and GZG, stocks are limited and these preorders will be packed in a first come first serve basis. You will be informed by e-mail if we have insufficient stock to fill your pre-order, and it will be converted to a REGULAR PREORDER. You will pay the exact same amount of money either way.

REGULAR PREORDERs will start shipping in the third week of April. They will ship POST-FREE as usual.

Unfortunately, I also have a little bad news to report, due to the poor exchange rate and rising costs, the prices of the resin ships will be rising as of the 1st of April. The decision to raise prices was not undertaken lightly, and will be revised if the economic conditions allow for it (I.e. the British Pound digs itself out of the massive hole it is in at the moment.)

The revised prices are:
DREAD01 - Harmony-class Superdreadnaught GBP12.00
DS00006 – Embassy-class Assault Carrier GBP6.50
CS00001 – Shoji-class Stealth Carrier GBP5.50

Any orders placed before the 1st of April will be charged at their original price, and this includes all pre-orders.

Thank you!

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