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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Wave 2 Pre-Orders

At long last, I am pleased to announce the second wave of ships for ZandrisIV miniatures, conveniently named Wave 2. The wave comprises the following vessels:

Harmony-class Superdreadnaught (the big black one in the photo)
Emissary-class Assault Cruiser
Edict-class Beam Cruiser
Contractor-class Missile Destroyer

As with the first, release, there is a special pre-order offer available for one week before the miniatures are due to arrive from the caster. The offer this time is slightly different from last time. All orders placed between now and Wednesday June 18th will receive FREE SHIPS to the value of shipping paid for the order. This essentially means you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders! The ships being given away are as follows:

Order value up to GBP9.99 - 1x Missile Destroyer OR 1x Heavy Destroyer
Order value GBP10.00 to GBP19.99 - 1x Beam Cruiser OR 1x Assault Cruiser
Order value GBP20.00 to GBP39.99 - 2x Missile Destroyer OR 2x Heavy Destroyer OR 1x Heavy Cruiser

Order values above GBP40.00 - Contact me with what you are interested in, and I'll customise the freebies accordingly.

This offer is open on all items in the entire online store, not just the new ships. To pre-order, just add items to the shopping cart as normal, and at checkout, indicate which free ships you want in the "additional notes" box. As the miniatures *will* be dispatched by the 18th of June, all pre-orders must be paid in full at time of ordering.

Thank you to all those whose support and encouragement have helped to make Wave 2 a reality!

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