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Sunday, 16 December 2007

Diplomats and Negotiators

The Terran Diplomatic Corps was formed as the successor of the Terran Colonial Authority, which itself succeeded the United Nations of Earth. The Corps is the main force of law and order in human space, and for the three and a half centuries since its formation, it has succeeded in maintaining the Pax Humanus against the threat of rogue stellar empires, pirates, and disagreeable aliens.

The Diplomat-class Heavy Cruiser is a workhorse of the Corps. Bristling with antiship missiles, particle accelerators and a devastating spinal laser, it is truly a force to be reckoned with whether found patrolling trade routes or in a Corps battlegroup.

The ship pictured, no. 263, otherwise known as TDCS Trust, is shown in the red and yellow livery of the 8th Corps Battlegroup, based at Sirius Fleet Base.
A common companion of the Diplomat is the Negotiator-class Heavy Destroyer pictured below. Designed to complement the cruisers by providing close in point defense support and speed to hunt down blockade runners, the Negotiator is even more frequently seen than the ubiqitous Diplomat.

Patrol group 263-Trust in formation.

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